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The most comprehensive clearance tool of its kind to check or verify the availability and/or the uniqueness of proposed titles for motion pictures, television productions, books, software, video games, plays, music or any other creative property.

Purpose – What do you use title searches for?
Use the U.S. Title Availability Report to:

  • Determine the availability of a title and satisfy Errors & Omissions insurance requirements. 
  • Perform due diligence.
  • Avoid public confusion and complications in promoting your work.
  • Identify litigation risks.

Product Details – What information is reported in a title search?
The U.S. Title Availability Report covers:

  • U.S. Copyright Office records pre and post 1978.
  • Entertainment related citations from film and television to books and works of art.
  • Similar titles for creative works that sound and look like your proposed title.
  • Trade news and in production information on works with exact or similar titles.
  • Current and most comprehensive coverage of your proposed title.

Title Availability and Clearance Searches use a comprehensive range of sources including:

  • U.S. Copyright records (1928 to present) including registration and renewal data, in-process records and recorded assignment and transfer of ownership information. 
  • Numerous online entertainment industry databases, trade publications and books.
  • Extensive internet research using the latest methodologies.
  • Most extensive animation and video game coverage on the market.
  • U.S. Federal, U.S. State, Canada, EC, UK, DE, WIPO trademarks in entertainment related classes of goods and services.
  • Domain names from all ICANN accredited registrars - .com, .org, .edu, .gov, .biz and .info

Sample Report