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The most comprehensive research products in the market providing the information you need to assist in the determination of copyright status and ownership of a specific creative property such as a motion picture, literary work, television program, screenplay, song, art, or fictional character.  Full copyright products include:

  • U.S. Full Copyright Search
  • Unexploited Work Search3Fine Art Search
  • Character Search
  • Animated Property Search

Purpose – What do you use copyright searches for?
Use the U.S. Full Copyright Search to:

  • Help determine the current ownership and registration status of a particular creative property.
  • Secure financing and perform due diligence.
  • Satisfy Errors & Omissions insurance requirements.
  • Identify transfers of rights and other recorded documents relating to a specific work.

Product Details – Features of our U.S. Full Copyright Products
The U.S. Full Copyright Search features:

  • Copyright registrations and renewal status.
  • Authorship data, including death date and information regarding heirs.
  • Identification of underlying and derivative works and related registration/renewal status. 
  • Assignment of rights history as recorded in the U.S. Copyright Office or entertainment industry publications.
  • Licenses and rights information, such as television and video distribution rights.
  • Future projects or plans based on the work – broadest coverage in the market.

Our U.S. Full Copyright Search has several distinct advantages:

  • Reports are organized into custom, logical categories based on research findings for better readability and ease of use.
  • Integrated Table of Contents for complex, long reports.
  • Enhanced Industry News coverage beyond traditional trade journals and newspapers, including internet research to uncover small, independent projects under development or in production.
  • Copies of official U.S. Copyright Office documents and applications delivered in PDF, when requested.
  • Advanced Methodology:  Each report is approached as a separate research project allowing the subject matter to determine the format and scope instead of the reverse, resulting in a truly customized report.
  • Objective research analysis to allow the client or attorney to determine the nature of Recorded Documents with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Sample Report