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IP Innovations, LLC is a company founded on the principles of quality, service and reliability. We offer innovative, forward thinking solutions for your Copyright & Title/TM research needs. Our product line represents the highest quality and most comprehensive research and reporting available. With a decade of experience in copyright and trademark research, our staff has the expertise to give you comprehensive coverage in every report.

Whether you are an attorney, corporate executive or just starting out in the entertainment industry, IP Innovations can help you to clear the way to reach your business potential.

Order your search through our secure on-line ordering page, or contact us over the phone at 1-202-607-5321 for direct ordering. If you have any questions, a customer service representative can be contacted from 9 AM - 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.

IP Innovations was created to help the entertainment industry with avoiding copyright and intellectual property legal issues. This is achieved through informing our clients how and when a specific entertainment related title has been used and in what capacity. By searching the records of the U.S. Copyright office, U.S. Patent and Trademark office and numerous Internet databases, we can deliver a complete and comprehensive report on the history of a particular titles usage. Our reporting format is easy to read and understand, separated into logical sections based upon distinctive categories (motion pictures, sound recordings, computer programs, etc.) in which the title was used. Reports also include a section listing any closely related, relevant titles that have been used. We are a company of seasoned research professionals, committed to serving the needs of our clientele. Through the combination of extensive research experience, technical expertise and legal knowledge, you can be assured that every report will contain the most up-to-date and relevant information. Thorough research and complete coverage gives IP Innovations the edge over our competition.